A brief History

Watford was declared a Fairtrade Town in 2007, joining hundreds of other Towns and Cities across the UK in a commitment to raise public awareness and participation with the sale of Fairtrade goods.

A Brief History of Fairtrade in Watford:

Cllr Jill Jenkins (LibDem) proposed the Resolution to WBC that they promote and support Fairtrade on Nov 23 2004. It was seconded by Cllr Tim Williams (Con) and was passed unanimously by all Parties. Thus we achieved Goal One!

Mayor Dorothy Thornhill then discussed the Flavia vending machines situation with Flavia who refused to supply Fairtrade product sachets for their machines in the Town Hall

The Mayor supplied Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar by the side of every Flavia machine in the Town Hall Offices area and the Flavia machines are only used as a supply of hot water until the contract expires

Watford Museum, supported by WBC, has supported the Fairtrade Town Campaign from the start and Sarah Priestley has used FT products in the cafe there for years. Steering group has been invited to use the Museum for many events including the Declaration of status as a Fairtrade Town in March 2007. Our Mayor Dorothy, our MP Claire, Director of Fairtrade Foundation Harriet Lamb, Civic mayor Rabi Martins and Consultant Fairtrader Extraordinaire Albert Tucker were guests of honour

The new leisure centres, Central and Woodside, had to agree to a clause in their contracts with WBC that they supply Fairtrade products in their cafes – they offer a wide range

The Mayor and Jill have visited many of the Schools in Watford giving Assemblies about Fairtrade to students of all ages. Jill joined Steering in Nov 2004

The Watford Fairtrade Town Steering Group are grateful for the continued support of all involved at Watford Borough Council